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I have made some changes to the site and plan on making some more in the future, they are listed and described below.


I have also added a Subscribe page to the site. You can sign up for the weekly email newsletter and updates here. I also give some information about RSS and how to subscribe to my RSS feed. There is also some information about RSS and what it does, and some information about my favourite and probably the best RSS reader.


There is now a Best of MSG World section just on the right side of the blog. This has links to my Favourite and most popular blog posts. So far there are three posts there. My first big article HYIPs (High Yield Investment Programs) and Sports Arbitrage Betting. Part One of my four part post about my Day of poker on PokerStars. Third post there is the one about my Canvas Prints For Sale.


As you can see in the sidebar of the blog, I have added some social networking buttons. If you click on the share button you will get the option to share this page on a choice of social networking sites, not limited to but including Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Delicious, and many more. I have also added a Skype button so that you can see my skype status. Feel free to add me to Skype if you would like to talk to me or send me anything. The Skype button will tell you when I am online or offline. I also have a Twitter box a bit lower down on the sidebar that displays my current Twitter status.


I have added some widgets to the side bar of the blog and plan on adding more widgets in the future if they can be of benefit to the site and to you, the reader. I've added a day calender just underneath the Categories section.
I'm a big fan of good quotes and have added a "Quote of the Day" widget too. For the sports fans out there I have added two widgets lower down on the sidebar. One gives a brief summary of the latest Premier League news from SkySports and the other has a brief summary of the latest sports news from SkySports. These are close to the Betfair banners. I have found Betfair to be the best place to place any bets on Sports, Football in particular. This is because Betfair are not a bookmakers but a betting exchange, so your bets are placed against other people at odds that you choose.


I have removed all google adsense links for good. This is because they do not allow people to use adsense if their website has content related to gambling. I thought it would be best to switch ad companies to Bidvertiser and Adbrite as they do not have such strict terms and conditions and provide a service just as good, if not better.


I have been thinking about the Canvas Prints For Sale page. I have decided that I might be moving them from this site onto a brand new website where they can be the main focus of the site, rather than them just being an extra page on this blog. I have created a poll which can be seen below asking you what you think I should do.


If there are any other changes that you would like to see to the site then let me know using the Contact Me page or leave a comment on the blog post.
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