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I have decided to try my luck again at a scheduled tournament on PokerStars instead of the Sit and Go that I said I would probably do next. I have entered a tournament with only 500 players maximum for a $8.80 entrance fee. Only 54 players will get into the money and top prize in this one is $767 . With only 500 players in this tournament there is a decent chance of doing well if I play well. Updates on the way.

Bad news once again :-( Just got knocked out in 350th place. Someone had raised before the flop $300 and I had AK suited so I decided to push all in as it was very likely that this person would fold to the bet and I would have won a nice pot. Unfortunately they called the extra $2,900 chips and it was 77 against AK suited, a 50/50 hand. The flop was JQ3. Now I had more outs than before. Any 10, K or A and I would win the hand and double up. Unfortunately the next two cards were a 6 and a 4. None of which were the suit that I started with 2 of. Nevermind.

I think I need a little bit of a break after those couple of losses. I only have $13 left in my account after making a withdrawal recently so I don't want to be risking that money whilst I have the disappointment of previous losses still in my head. Think I will go and do the washing up and then try again a bit later.

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