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Part 3 of my day of poker. Have moved onto the 27 man Sit and Go tournaments as I wasn't having much luck with the bigger tournaments. Was only a $5 entry and the top 5 will get paid. From previous experience playing tournaments with this format, I have learned that the best strategy is to just be patient and not play too many hands. It is not too hard to get onto the final table by just surviving. Then once onto the final table it is time to step it up a gear and start playing more aggressive. This is because most people will slow down their play at the final table. Most people get afraid of getting knocked out right before the money starts so will fold a lot more hands, this is the time to exploit that weakness and raise the pot a lot more often as it becomes a lot more likely that people will fold. A lot of extra chips can be gaines on the final table before the last 5. I should be able to talk about actually doing this soon.

There are currently 16 players left and I'm in the middle of the field. Just had a chance to call someone all in for $600 in chips but decided against it, I had A8 suited and it was very likely that their all in was a bluff, a desperation bet made because they were low on chips but I don't want to take any unnecessary risks at this point in time. I've fallen into the bottom 3 now, 10th out of 12. Only 3 more places to go and it's the final table and I can start being more aggressive. I might have to start upping my game early though as I have a small amount of chips relative to the big stacks now. They may call me just for the chance of knocking me out if my stack gets much lower. Final table is on the horizon though.

Maybe not :-(

I went all in with KQ on the button, first person to act too. The big blind called for an extra $1,500 chips and had 44. Turns out that it's not my day when it comes to 50/50 hands as I lost again. The opponent managed to hit a lucky straight against the odds after I had already hit my pair. I would have doubled up if they had not hit the straight on the river and it would have been plain sailing to the top 5. Nevermind though. I guess today is just not my day for poker. There are good days and bad days. I can't be too upset though as I don't think that I have played badly today, just got unlucky at some crucial moments. On another day I would have won the hands that knocked me out today and would have made the money in at least one of the games. Can't decide whether or not to play another game today or to leave it until tomorrow. I think I will update with Part 4 later, gonna have an extended break to eat and focus on other stuff for a while.

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