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Last night I made Beef Stroganoff for dinner. It was surprisingly nice considering my speciality is normally beans on toast or jacket potato. I thought it was a good idea to try something new though. I had fun cooking it too. I followed a combination of different recipes and it came out really nice.

First I cut up the onions and garlic into small pieces and put them in the frying pan, not cooking them yet. I put them in the pan while I prepared the meat. Preparing the meat was really fun, I had to put the meat inbetween two pieces of cling film and bash them with a rolling pin until the meat was thinner, then I cut up the meat into small pieces with scissors and then sprinkled some paprika, salt and pepper over the pieces.I started frying the onions and garlic next for a couple of minutes and then added in a lump of butter and some button mushrooms that I had also cut up and fried the mushrooms until they were golden brown. Then I took them off the heat and left on one of the hobs that wasn't turned on. Next I put some oil in another frying pan and put the meat in and fried it for a few minutes, turning the pieces so they were brown on all sides. When the meat was nicely browned I mixed it with the onions and mushrooms in the other frying pan and mixed fried it all together for a bit longer. While the meat and onions were frying together I realised that I had forgotten to start the water boiling in the saucepan that the pasta was going to go in so I quickly put it on the hob. In a couple of minutes it was almost boiling so I added the fresh egg tagliatelle. It only took about 4 minutes to cook. Then I drained the water from the pasta and served it for me and my girlfriend.

She said that she enjoyed it, and I believe her seeing as I thought it was really tasty. Some of the meat chunks were a bit chewy but most of them were lovely. I'll definitely be making it again someday. I'll definitely be trying some other recipes too. Hopefully they will also be a success.

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