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First player to reach 250 points wins the league!


1st Place - $150
2nd Place - $80
3rd Place - $50
4th Place - $20


i) The poker league takes a unique approach to scoring which we believe is much better suited to the nature of the internet than traditional league formats.

ii) It takes into account the fact that sometimes people won't be available to play and that new players may want to join, old players may want to leave and some people might want to have a couple of weeks off. It keeps everyone on their toes.

iii) In any given game, those who finish in the top half are awarded positive points and those who finish in the bottom half are given negative points - the amount of points in play depends on how many people are in the tournament.

iv) This way a new player has a good chance of getting a foot in the door without having to climb past everyone who is already invovled. This makes the games extremely competetive as you know that if you go out early you will lose points. It shows who are the best players because they are the ones who consistently finish high up and accumulate a high score.

v)At the end of the game if you have a score less than zero it is reset to zero the following week, no one has a negative score and only players with a positive score are featured on the league index.

vi) To make an example, in a twenty player tournament points would be awarded as follows;

1st 10 points
2nd 9 points
3rd 8 points
4th 7 points
5th 6 points
6th 5 points
7th 4 points
8th 3 points
9th 2 points
10th 1 point
11th -1 point
12th -2 points
13th -3 points
14th -4 points
15th -5 points
16th -6 points
17th -7 points
18th -8 points
19th -9 points
20th -10 points

vii) So the more players are in a tournament, the more points will be at stake.

viii) Additionally whoever finishes first in a game gets a ten point bonus. This really helps competition at the top between the very best players, rewarding a tournament win.

ix) The tournament currently takes place at Full Tilt Poker 15.00 UK Time on Sundays starting on the 23rd of May... In order to participate you have to be a member of the forum and have made an introduction thread and least three other posts in the forum - it's free to join.

x)Players in the league games are eligible for the fortnightly $30 freeroll which will occur if the last league game had 10 players or more. The passwords will be posted in the forum and sent out via email several hours before the start of the tournaments.

xii) If you are tied for position in the league whoever won the most points in the last game takes priority.
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