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I have created a new page on the site. It will be selling photographs printed onto canvas. All the photos available were taken by me this January whilst visiting Torrey Pines State Reserve in California. There are three basic shape categories for the prints; square, portrait and panoramic. I hope to add to the selection available as I take more quality photographs.

The prints are of the highest quality at very reasonable prices. Here is some information about the canvas prints, the quality of the materials, and how to maintain and look after them.

Real artists' stretcher bars are used to make up every frame. We offer a choice of two depths - Choose from our slim frames which are 19mm deep or opt for our chunky frames which are 38mm deep.

We only use 100% cotton canvas. Our canvas weighs in at a whopping great 400gsm - now that's the best there is on the market!

We only use genuine HP Vivera quality inks. These inks are guaranteed for over 100 years and are the absolute best on the market! Our inks help create up to 72 million rich and vibrant colours; helping to bring the photos to life.

To maintain & increase the lifespan of your canvas, do not expose to continuous, strong sunlight or moisture. Do not clean with a wet/damp cloth; a light vacuum with the brush attachment will get rid of any dust on the surface. We provide you with a list of really useful information to help you care for your canvas with your item.

The header photo on the top of this website is also available for print onto canvas at the same prices as the panoramic range. Shipping is guaranteed within 8 days, as it takes time to get the photos onto canvas and process payment. Paypal is the accepted method of payment for now, although other payment processors may be added in the future if demand increases. I'm really happy with how the photos have come out and look forward to providing you with some great pieces of artwork to hang on to hang on your walls.

My favourite three prints are shown below with the cheapest (smallest) print available for each.
Square Canvas - 10' x 10' - £29.99
Portrait Canvas - 10' x 12' - £29.99
Panoramic Canvas - 20' x 10' - £39.99
07/31/2012 11:14pm

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