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I have decided once again to enter another scheduled tournament on PokerStars for a $5.50 entry fee. I joined very late, after 55 minutes had already passed. Just in time for the break. First hand after the break I doubled up. I limped in with 10 3 suited and flopped an open ended straight draw, called a bet and the turn gave me a flush draw too. I check raised all in. I was unexpectedly called and hit my flush on the river to double up. This was a risky move and I wouldn't normally do it, but I had a lot of outs and also suspected that the opponent was bluffing and wouldn't call my all in bet. Just hit a bad bit of luck now though.

I had K8 in the small blind and called the blind and got to see the flop, which was 3K9, I made a bet and was called, the turn was another K so I check raised all in again, thinking that there was no way that he had the other K. Unfortunately he did and I doubled him up. His kicker was a Q and he left me with only $1,100 chips left. Still, no reason to panic.

No reason to panic only because I just got knocked out once more :-(  I had made once successful steal and built my chips up to $1,500. I found myself with 1010 and thought it was the ideal opportunity to go all in. I was called by a player with QQ. No luck for me as none of the two remaining 10 cards came up on the board.

Instead of starting a new post for Part 5 I will include it in this post too. I have just entered a $5.40 double or nothing Sit and Go. I haven't played many of these games and know little about effective strategy. I think the general idea though is to play very tight. I'm not sure if I will play like this though as if that is how everyone else will be playing. I am going to test out the strategy I talked about earlier for being on the final table of a 27 man tournament. As everyone else will be playing tight I will play a more aggressive game. I will wait until the blinds are big enough to be worth stealing first as there is no point in risking chips when there is little to gain.

That strategy failed once again, but only because of more bad luck and this was my last poker game of the day. I had 67 suited and raised preflop. The flop was 627 and I raised again on the flop. I was called and the next card was an A. I checked and then the opponent bet, I raised all in and was called. It turned out that the other guy had A2 and had also hit two pair. It was very unlikely that that would have happened. He shouldn't have even called my bet on the flop when he only had bottom pair. The river didn't help me as it was another A and I was knocked out of another game. No more poker for me today. Only have $3 left in my account. I might try tomorrow to build that up to $5.50 in a micro stakes cash game in order to have one more attempt at recreating my bankroll from nothing. Not a big deal though as I haven't actually invested any money into this and am only playing with profits from a previous winning streak a couple of weeks ago. Would be nice to build up a bankroll from nothing though.
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08/03/2012 11:37pm

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