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This is my first blog post. I really like They make creating a website really easy for people that are not at all familiar with HTML. The hosting is free and I will be able to transfer everything to my own domain name when I decide to get one.

It was a month ago now that I registered MSG World Ltd as a company, and today is the first day that I have really done anything about it. This is the start of a long slow process, building my company up from nothing. I am determined to not spend a penny out of my own pocket to fund this business. It will be a slow, long arduous process, but I will feel great and very satisfied when I achieve the success that I know will happen.

Everywhere self improvement blog/website/book that I read mentions that the key to success in business is creating multiple streams of income, and this totally makes sense. Why rely on only one source of income when for no outgoings more potential sources of income can be set up. At the moment the streams of income I have set up so far are Google Adsense, Associates, my CafePress store and the part time job that I will be starting soon.

The main thing that I'll be doing on this site though is blogging. I look forward to talking about the crazy things that go on inside my head and inside the World of me, MSG.

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